Georgia Dental Clinic

As a fellow practitioner in a dental specialty - and, thus, a critical observer - I was favorably impressed and inspired by the painstaking striving for excellence and attention to every detail. I want to express my very special gratitude and commendation for the outstanding job in restoring me to a bright, new smile with the laminates; the color and translucency provide a wonderfully natural appearance. YOU EXCEEDED EVEN MY EXPECTATIONS!

Dr. B.M.H

JoAnne’s Story

By the time I was 30 I had two bridges and huge amalgam fillings from improper care of my teeth. By the time I discovered Dr. Hughes I'd been to half a dozen dentists. Despite spending a small fortune, I had approximately 10 crowns, my teeth were short from grinding, yellow, and looked terrible. My first impression of Dr. Hughes was favorable – I enjoyed the kindness and courteousness of the entire staff. I appreciated the focus on prevention rather than restoration. Dr. Hughes was very honest and forthright in his estimation of my teeth.

Despite my initial dismay at the assessment of my teeth and resistance to Dr. Hughes recommendations, I decided to trust his judgment. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made. I now see Dr. Hughes as an artist, with his attention to detail and determination to get everything ‘just right'.
And look at me know! I have a movie star smile and I receive complements everywhere I go. It has given me self confidence to have a winning smile and I am immensely grateful to Dr. Hughes and his wonderful staff.

JoAnne Snedeker Mitchell

I originally came to see Dr. Hughes for a BriteSmile, which is bleaching your teeth in one hour. I was so impressed with his office and his wonderful staff that I chose to start coming to Dr. Hughes for my dental needs. Dr. Hughes gave me several options for treatment of my dental needs. I chose to have some implants where I was missing teeth. Since I had my dental work done I'm able to eat much better. I'm so glad I finally had this done. Smiles are almost automatic now.

Paul Shull

Some people don't realize importance of taking care of your teeth until it's too late. Yes, I have dentures. I really thought that all dentures looked the same, nothing really natural. I was so amazed when Dr. Hughes explained that dentures don't have to look like dentures. They can look like real teeth. My wife loves to see me smile. They fit great and look wonderful. I wish I had come to Dr. Hughes sooner. Oh, by the way, the staff is out of this world. Dr. Hughes and staff make you feel like family. Their goal is the very best for each individual patient.

Peter Ferrell

I came to Dr Hughes because of the deterioration. I knew I had no other problems. But, he pointed that I had a big problem with TMJ. I disagreed vigorously. He stuck to his guns and proved it to me and showed how it was negatively affecting me. Am I ever glad i listened to him and addressed the problem. Now, not only do my teeth look really good, but I have found what a difference a correctly aligned jaw makes. I Feel GOOD!

Mary Hane Siggins


Thank You so much for the time and effort you all have put toward my teeth. I smile all the time and I have become so much happier! I truly appreciate everything you and your staff have done for me. Thank you so much.

Kerri Batchelor